Carelink home care agency is a New York based agency providing home care and CDPAP available to patients throughout the state. The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a New York State Medicaid program that allows consumers to recruit, hire, and direct their own home care workers. One of the highlights of the program is that it allows consumers to hire family members and friends.

The Problem

 The concern of old and sick people is that they do not have the kind of caretaker they are comfortable with. Many times the care taker does not meet with the exact demands of the patient. Sometimes people will not be able to afford an expensive care that fits their exact needs. As much your loved ones would love to provide care and assistance unfortunately they have to go to work to make a living. This makes it difficult for them to be available around the clock.

The Solution

 This program allows you to hire the caregiver of your choice, which includes relatives, neighbors or friends. Under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, loved ones will be able to get paid to take care of the needy. Since personal assistants are allowed to administer skilled services, assistants will able to give the routine shots. This provides an opportunity to give the kind of care that only a dear one can provide, without compromising on his/her responsibilities to their own family.

The care given by your loved ones is irreplaceable by any kind of advanced equipment or well trained nurses. When monitored by a family member there is a sense of safety and belonging that does not come with a nurse. The presence of the family members ensures complete involvement and enables them to take informed decisions in time of emergencies. There is no need of special attention to their past and personal habits. The patient can stay in her own home or in a relative’s, so you can be sure she’s in a comforting, non institutional environment. This definitely eases the routine for the patient.

This survey shows that over all quality of end-of life of has positive because of family care. Studies have shown how loved ones tend to be more comforting than nurses and also it has been effective. Continuous studies have proved family care has extended lives of many critical patients and helped them to cope up with the illness.


Eligibility and enrollment

The criteria to be met for to be eligible for CDPAP are:

  1. You must have Medicaid.
  2. You must require home care.
  3. You must be self-directing, or you must have a representative that can direct your care.

There are other factors that can potentially affect your CDPAP eligibility, but if you meet the above criteria, it is recommended to call the team to see if you can enroll.

The enrollment process includes assessments, patient forms and personal assistant forms. The patients must be assessed by nurses to approve their enrollment.


Certain forms need to be filled by both the parties, patient and the personal assistant, for the enrollment process. Another advantage is that, the CDPAP provides assistance with all kinds of paper work for the onboarding process.



 This government funded agency is a win-win option for both the patient and the assistant as it will ensure high quality genuine care from the loved ones and the assistants can serve guilty free of not fulfilling their duties of their families. If you or your dear ones are in need of such assistance don’t hesitate to contact CDPAP by carelink home care.

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