Home Health Aide

Job Summary:

The Home Health Aide is a paraprofessional member of the health care team who works directly under the supervision of the RN Supervisor/case manager and performs various services for the patient/client, the majority of which are personal care( activities of daily living). The Home Health Aide is assigned to assist in a manner that will promote a quality, and safe environment for the client/patient.


  • Performs only under the supervision of the RN Supervisor who has provided written instruction for the patient’s care(care plan)
  • Performs total care or assist patients in all activities of daily living/personal care such as:
  • Assist with bathing of patient – bed,tub, shower
  • Assist with care teeth and mouth
  • Assist with grooming – care of hair including shampoo, shaving and the filling of nails
  • Assist patient to the bathroom or with use of bedpan and commode
  • Assist patient with transfer, ambulance and exercise assigned
  • Assist patient with the use of special equipment such as walker, braces, crutches, wheelchair etc
  • Assist patient with dressing
  • Infection control
  • Take and records accurately vital signs ( temperature, pulse, respiration) and reports changes changes to RN supervisor
  • Arranges schedule so that patient follows medical recommendation, such as increase physical activity
  • Provides proper care and observation of the client’s skin to prevent breakdown of tissue over bony
  • Completes records accurately on a daily basis and carries out all assignments requested
  • Performs household talks essential to the patient’s care:
  • Meal Planning, Preparation
  • Shopping
  • Dusting and vacuuming
  • Tidying Kitchen including wet-mopping floor
  • Dish-washing
  • Tidying bathroom, including wet-mopping floor
  • Tidying Bedroom including changing bed linen
  • Client’s personal laundry

Job Limitation:

  • MAY NOT ADMINISTER MEDICATIONS including eye drops, ointments, suppositories, injections, or any tablet or liquid that is not food
  • May not cut or clip nails
  • May not perform any personal care that is not included in the care plan
  • May not make judgement or give advise on a medical or nursing problem
  • Home Health Aids are not permitted to:
  • Accept gratuities or gifts from clients
  • Perform any bookkeeping or check writing functions
  • Perform heavy housecleaning such as window washing, shampooing carpets etc.
  • Perform landscaping or gardening duties
  • Charge telephone calls to the client’s telephone bill
  • Personal collect telephone calls
  • Use patient’s telephone unless in an emergency situation