With locations at Floral Park and Brooklyn, NY, Carelink Inc. has been known to deliver exceptional and quality services to individuals needing home health care. With locations at Floral Park and Brooklyn, NY, we have been one of the most trusted home health care service providers for the past 20 years. With an excellent, carefully selected staff, we take pride in offering personalized services and a warm approach to put our clients at ease. Our services are available for patients of all ages and medical conditions. We aim to ensure your loved one can remain in the home where they are most comfortable.

Has ambition never left you and you’re still trying to reach towards self-actualization, the the pinnacle in Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory? Self-actualization, being the personal growth of an individual, a state of Being, as proposed by Heidegger, can be achieved with creative activities that connect oneself with the world around them, the natural and the social, giving a sense of unity and wholeness. As elaborate as the concept alone may seem, self-actualization is the result of little things.

Be fearless – Do things you’ve never dared to do before. Test you’re limits. Take calculated risks. Shatter those self-imposed boundaries. There must be no regrets to being true to oneself.

Learn a new skill – Invest in creativity, ever expanding your skill set and intellectual borders. Learn a musical instrument or step up your dishes in the kitchen. Start a book club or paint at the Louvre.

Mend relationships – Far from being about who the bigger person is, this exercise is primarily to lighten your mind. Forgiveness, Acceptance, Mercy are golden values that will open your mind to see beyond your typical view of things.

Celebrate – Father around your family and friends and celebrate achievements, birthdays and other special occasions. Spend your life in cheer and gladness. Include people you never did before.

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